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Our solution
A technology platform for intelligent inspection of the built environment with sensors, software, and data
Screening Eagle Platform
Full-stack inspection ecosystem
Connected sensors
Inspection intelligence
Workflow software
Defect detection
Condition assessment
Predictive maintenance
Digital twins
Artificial Intelligence
Disruptive pricing and continuous access to innovation
Own the equipment with a one-time sensor purchase
Subscribe to the software for an annual innovation fee
Access the Eagle Platform with single sign-on across the ecosystem
Access ecosystem
Advanced technologies at disruptive prices
Scale business faster
Add options to your portfolio as you go, adapt it to your needs
Pay as you earn
Predictable costs matched to continuous revenue potential
State-of-the-art operation
Over-the-air updates deliver perpetual high performance
Why Screening Eagle?
For Inspectors & Engineers
Our ecosystem of high-performance sensors, software and workflow tools deliver real-time solutions to assess assets efficiently. Our solutions streamline inspections and deliver competitive advantage in the field with cutting-edge technology and valuable digital records for asset owners. We are focused on customer success and are committed to setting new industry standards.
For Asset Owners & Insurers
Our platform is focused on delivering valuable insights to sustain mission-critical assets. Our intuitive software and visualization democratize inspection data making it easy to interpret results and take action. Our vision is predictive asset maintenance powered by intelligent inspection that extends the useful life and increases the net present value of assets.
For our Partners
Our mission to protect the built world is supported by a network of partners that provide invaluable expertise and service around the world. We work arm in arm with our partners to provide product education and training, technical expertise and digital tools to support the mission. We welcome like-minded business partners to join us.
Blue-chip customers across multiple industries:
Oil & Gas
Energy & Power
Expertise you can rely on
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