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Screening Eagle Workspace

The core of your Screening Eagle Ecosystem

Workspace is the web-based collaboration & management platform for all your inspection work and is complementary to any of the Screening Eagle apps. It allows ALL Screening Eagle users to collaborate, manage and share inspection records from anywhere at anytime, by simply signing in with their Screening Eagle ID.

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Collaborate, access & share all your inspection records from one safe place - anywhere, anytime
Workspace is for all users of Screening Eagle inspection apps. Now you can view, store, and share inspection records from multiple technologies at the same time and collaborate with ease from a single user-friendly dashboard.
Why is data consolidation so important?
Organized, structured and easy-to-access measurement data is the key to better, faster collaboration, insights and predictions. Workspace provides an end-to-end solution - from measurement record collection and analysis, to reporting and informed decision making to protect the built world.
Workspace stores your precious measurement records, and securely delivers them to wherever you need in that moment with real-time collaboration
For unparalleled insights, Workspace is integrated with all your probes and apps. Everything happens automatically. It just works!
Data privacy and security is our priority. This is why Workspace is developed according to the latest security standards to protect your valuable data
Integrated in the Screening Eagle Ecosystem
Easily view all your data from all your Screening Eagle probes integrated into one user-friendly Workspace – like a Swiss Army Knife of NDT
The Hub for All Your Measurement Data
Centralize all measurements for your different inspection technologies in one place. Access the data in a few taps, no cables necessary. Export and download in the format of your choice
It’s never been easier to discuss and share project data with your team and with customers, no matter which technology was used on the inspection
Manage your Profile
Manage all your data from all your Screening Eagle Probes in your personal profile. Customize your photo and information, and conveniently manage your software subscriptions
Platform Independent
Workspace is platform agnostic and allows you to access your data from any browser on your preferred device and operating system
Workspace is a comprehensive web-based inspection software platform that is an integral part of all Screening Eagle Technologies app solutions - allowing cross-platform collaboration, inspection record management and sharing. Simply login with your personal and unique Screening Eagle ID.