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Ultraportable, wireless instruments for easy data management. We provide you with the most innovative tools to measure various surface parameters from appearance factors like gloss, to material parameters like hardness. Our industrial surfaces portfolio also covers roll hardness testing, and automatic paint film applicators. Swiss made quality, ultra-lightweight hardware, with heavy-duty possibilities. Equotip portable hardness testers and Zehntner Glossmeters detect any signs of fatigue, resistance, corrosion andwear characteristics, accurately and efficiently.


Since Proceq invented the Leeb hardness test principle in 1975, Equotip has become established as a globally recognized brand for portable hardness testing and a de facto industry standard.

Rugged Swiss-made metal NDT hardness testers are designed for portable hardness testing in the lab, in the workshop, at production facilities or on site.

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Flaw Detection

Thickness and material composition measurement with instant data visualization for enhanced productivity.

Accurate detection and evaluation of cracks, porosities, delamination and any other defects in different materials such as metal, composites, and plastics. 

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