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Sustainable Development Planned with Precision

Sustainable Development

Here at Screening Eagle, we love to hear how our technologies are being used in real-world projects to increase quality, safety and longevity of the built world.

Meet Florian Mueller for example, Project Manager at Afry Engineering and one of our valued customers who shared their story with us at #KEY22SET Built World Keynote & Product Launch Event.

Meet Florian Mueller, an accomplished Civil Engineer at Afry Engineering. Florian began his career with several PhDs in material science and a passion for sustainable infrastructure.

Over the years, Florian has conducted visual inspections on many projects including hydropower plants, railway stations, and the longest road tunnel in the world.

Projects like these require high efficiency and detailed planning.

For Florian, this meant ditching traditional analogue data collection, and introducing intuitive digital data capture workflows.

Using intelligent inspection software, Florian drives his mission to ensure sustainable structural development, planned with precision and executed with a new level of efficiency.

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