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Will my GS8000 GPR collect any data if I do not move?

No. Data collection on GS8000 is triggered by wheel movement. If you do not move the radar, then no data collection is happening. The wheel is...

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What is the Screening Eagle ID?

The Screening Eagle ID is the login credentials you use in order to access any and all of our apps. Importantly for all customers and users who...

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What communication interface does Carboteq use?

Carboteq enables USB communication interface to download the device's readings.

How do the high pass and low pass filtering help in the final representation of the PIT / IE output? 

High and low pass filters are a very useful feature to eliminate the signal noise and to allow the user to better understand the signal.

What is the accuracy in object detection with GPR?

The accuracy in object detection with Proceq GPRs is as follows:

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How much does it cost for a ground penetrating radar?

The cost of ground penetrating radar depends on which brand and product you choose. Some ground penetrating radars, such as our Proceq GPRs, have...

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What does a GPR look like?

Ground penetrating radars (GPR) come in many shapes and sizes depending on the brand and model. Our Proceq GPRs vary in their appearance from the...

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