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The Original Schmidt was invented and introduced into the market by Proceq in the 1950s. Since that time it has become the world’s most widely used instrument for non-destructive estimation of concrete strength properties, standardized in every major region. Not limited to concrete it is also used for rock, paper and mortar. Proceq rebound hammers are available in models with different impact energies, each designed for a specific test application. The latest models are the Original Schmidt Live, a fully connected hammer operating on iOs and Android and now the new Silver Schmidt OS8200 combining the proven accuracy of Silver Schmidt with all of the time saving reporting advantages of the live environment.



Silver Schmidt OS8200
Strength assessment beyond coring
Pundit Lab (+)
Flexible UPV test instrument designed primarily for operation in laboratories
Pundit 200
Best-in-class UPV test instrument with an extended range of measurement modes
Screening Eagle Technologies is a merger of Dreamlab and Proceq

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